About 4th Utility Consulting in the Compressed Air Industry

Fourth Utility Consulting began in 2008 as a consulting company for the compressed air industry. Among our capabilities was distributor training. From 2008 to 2015 we trained distributors from Argentina to Nova Scotia on all aspects of the compressed air industry.

At the same time, we were doing audits and reviewing them for accuracy. During that period, we realized that a lot of audits were inaccurate based on incorrect information on competitor’s equipment. We learned that it is difficult to get correct data on equipment more than 3 years old. Also, we learned that many of the audits were based on modifying the existing equipment to make the audit simpler by making all machines run load/unload, rather than the way the machines were designed to operate. To do this, they had to shut down the modulation or bypass porting, which made the audit inaccurate.

Compressed Air Industry Overseas

In 2015, we started working with overseas companies who were interested in operating in the US. We helped with engineering products that would be sought-after in the Americas and helped them learn the ins and outs of CAGI, the CAGI standards and testing procedures. We helped them find distribution and hire the top professionals to be able to operate without outside people. Today these companies are growing rapidly!

To make our audits and audit reviews more accurate, we starting collecting datasheets and CAGI performances back to 2002. At the present time, we have information on over 4000 pieces of information on retro machines.

Who We Are Today

Our present four-person team averages over 30 years of experience in the compressor industry. We have decided to be and remain completely independent.

Our goal is to make it easy for air compressor customers, engineering firms, auditors and compressor organizations to be able to find accurate performance information on new and used compressors, so accurate appraisals and energy comparisons can be done.

This isn’t easy! Today there are over 850 current fixed speed models between 20 and 500 horsepower. There are also over 650 variable speed models and 300 oil free models. We are constantly updating our databases on these models. Over the last 6 months, 40% of the models have had a change. To get this information, we have to go to each compressor companies’ website and record this data. In some cases the data is difficult to find or difficult to use. It takes us around 100 hours a month to keep this information current. Then we added the models that were removed to our retro database.

We are now the only source of all this information in one easy to use format! Check out our samples and see for yourself.

Helping the compressed air industry save time and money
4th Utility Consulting helps the compressed air industry save time and money.